Longitudinal Traffic Barriers

The  Yodock® Longitudinal Barrier Steel Reinforcement Kit is a connection system for Yodock barricades when used as traffic barriers. When using  the  Yodock Model 2001, Model 2001M, or  2001MB, the system must be assembled with the Yodock Steel Rail Kit to meet NCHRP Report 350 criteria as a longitudinal barrier. Warning flags, steady burning lights or flashing lights can be securely mounted to each unit.


  • Heavy Duty
  • Easy Installation
  • Galvanized Finish
  • Quick Breakdown
  • Positive Protection
  • Easy Relocation

The 350 Rail Attachment is made of steel and wood. It is manufactured to resist corrosion and withstand the impact of vehicular traffic. The 350 Rail Attachment is mounted to the Yodock® Traffic Control System Models 2001 and 2001M. It is comprised of two tubular steel box beam rails, which are bolted to two steel brackets, which are placed within the fork lift holes of the Model 2001 and 2001M. The box beam rails are blocked away from the steel brackets using wood blocks. The rail segments are bolted to the steel brackets with grade 5 carriage bolts. Adjacent rails are spliced together using splice tubes and bolted together using grade 8 hex head bolts. Kit Includes:

  • Box Beam: 1830mm, 89 × 89 × 6.4mm 
  • Splice Tubes: 280mm, 64 × 64 × 6.4mm 
  • Box Beam Connection Bolts: 19mm diameter × 230mm long, grade 5 carriage 
  • Wood Blocks: 102 × 102 × 254mm 
  • Splice Tube Bolts: 19mm diameter × 114mm long, grade 8 hex 
  • Rails Material:Brackets: A36 channel steel Steel Brackets: C10 × 15.3 
  • Box Beam Functional Length: 1830mm 
  • Spacers: wood

The Model 2001 with 350 Rail Kit meets NCHRP 350 TL-3 with only 150 linear feet. Criteria: up to 62 mph.
The Model 2001M with 350 Rail Kit meets NCHRP 350 TL-2 with only 150 linear feet. Criteria: up to 45 mph.
Both models with Rail Attachment have been approved by the Federal Highway Administration for use.



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